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Leonardo Da Vinci
15-02-2017, 17:37
I find the best way to learn a new track (that's all Pcars tracks including the few I'm familiar with from Forza 4) is to hammer away on Time Trial with the braking line on til comfortable to take it off, the next track in the games TT is Sakitto so got in my "comfort blanket car" the AMG DTM TC3 as standard but adjusted the brake bias to 61 after less than 50 laps I thought I'd see what kind of pace I was setting before (laughingly) attempting a tune, Imagine my surprise and delight to see I was currently ranked 36 on the LB (only PS4 I assume) but even so, with much room for improvement who knows where I could end up :triumphant: UNTIL I scrolled down, eager to see how many THOUSANDS (250,000 in some forza TTs) had competed........... 241 that's right TWO HUNDRED AND FORTY ONE :crushed: Now just to add, I know I'll never compete with the Big Boys of TTs I use it as a way of assessing things like track familiarity, my own car handling skills etc, BUT I would be lying if I said "LB positions mean nothing to me" as it strokes my aging ego a little too :D Anyway that's my lil tale of Zero to Hero FAIL, What's yours ? Or take this opportunity to share your Zero to Hero SUCCESS or indeed any combination of the two !

16-02-2017, 08:07
My Zero to Hero 'Fail' story? Qualifying in 5th place for the PC division of the Ginetta X esports Cup finals and then driving like I was sedated. My ego wasn't lightly bruised, it was kicked to death :o.

My Zero to Hero 'Success' story? It's over to the left, underneath my join date :)

16-02-2017, 08:09
Lol love it!
I'm not big on TT myself. Although if I think I'm well set up in a particular car/track combo, I'll cherry pick.
Eg, at one point I had the fastest Bentley Speed 8 time on Road America. Then a mate beat it and I haven't caught his time since. Ye, well down the prototype order but whatever. 150-something.
Also had a good spot at Silverstone GP in the Lotus 98T. Again, well down the order but out of the few Lotus 98T, my time was there :D
I haven't gone into TT since I got the wheel. Gets hell addictive, chasing tenths. On PS4 I'm about 5 seconds behind the top 10 in cars I can drive well. That's an age! Those guys are silly fast. I fair much better in races against the quick guys. They smash their tyres at that pace :D
I'd hate to compare the few times I'd set against the more populated PC leaderboards.

Leonardo Da Vinci
16-02-2017, 09:03
I'm assuming your MVP trophy WASN'T awarded by your opponents for your sedated drive in the Ginetta x finals cluck ? :playful:

16-02-2017, 09:10
Dat salt...

Leonardo Da Vinci
16-02-2017, 09:30
At least I didn't rub the salt in lol. hkraft Guess what I did last night ????? NO :rolleyes: but i did manage to RACE ONLINE :cheerful::cheerful::cheerful: wont bore you with the details but as a result I won't be bothering with TTs so much (though the thrill of a clean, fast-ish lap around Nordschliefe will always keep returning there) as I'll start learning the tracks and finding the best cars to RACE, and when ready, enter some online events ;) Loving touring cars but only driven about 4 or 5 different cars on PCars as yet, :encouragement:

16-02-2017, 10:10
Oh quality!
Public MP is very hit and miss. I know a few UK guys that are great to race with. Clean but good for a laugh too. Shoot Macky10 a request. He's online all the time and up for races.
Don't get too hung up on what cars are quick. Every car in each class is competitive, depending on the track. It's mostly down to the driver. Eg even though the Oreca/Alpine are slower in the LMP2 class, I'm more consistent in them especially in wet races so I'm still competitive. Also the BMW LMR sounds like God screaming so I'll give the Audi and Bentley a hard chase for podium in LMP900 races.
Although you'd do well to avoid the fat Aston in GT4. And the Palmer Jag in the LMP3 class.

Leonardo Da Vinci
16-02-2017, 11:59
"Public MP is very hit and miss. I know a few UK guys that are great to race with. Clean but good for a laugh too. Shoot Macky10 a request. He's online all the time and up for races"

Yea, avoided the obligatory first corner carnage :rolleyes: Though I was so happy to get off the line and race I didn't care lol. Thanks mate I'll see if I can track Macky10 down and if you're on PS4 planning a race let me know, not sure of time difference but i'm always up an usually racing til about 4am uk time, I'm mika-minion

16-02-2017, 13:21
They're on most nights.
Casual sprints usually and soon enough you'll get vetted for the planned races.
Multi-class sometimes, 90-120 minute. Changing conditions, rain and night races. Good challenge, different levels and some proper racers.