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15-02-2017, 20:14
Hi there, I've been playing PC a couple of weeks and am having a couple of issues, the foremost of which renders the game unplayable for me, and the issue is not hearing my tires when cornering. Is is pretty essential to hear what is going on at the road in a simulator, tire noise is my main tool for understanding how much grip I may or may not have, I cant express how fundamental this is, if I had bought the game on disk and not downloaded it I would be asking for a refund. The second Issue is less serious but still infuriating. The clutch pedal, when pressed, disengages engine power, which is great, I can use it to change gear, and launch my car. However, if I'm driving in fully manual mode (NOT AUTO OR SEMI AUTO), I can elect not to use the clutch at any time, moreover, I can also reach up and pull the paddles, and they shift gears for me too!!! What is the point of spending 100 on a gear stick, and 160 on a set of pedals, when a DRIVING SIMULATOR, which claims to be a direct competitor to the market leaders (Forza, Assetto Corsa, Gran Turismo). This is meant to be a serious simulator not an arcade game, Please sort it out. The equipment operates perfectly in Assetto Corsa, if im using manual gears, and I dont operate the clutch properly, I get stuck in neutral, and damage my gearbox if damage is enabled. As I said If I could get a refund I would.

15-02-2017, 21:15
1st: There is 100% tire noise in pcars. Would check your sound levels in game.
2nd: Don't have a aftermarket shifter but this has been brought up many times here. Its all dependent on what the car uses in real life - the game is simulating so much you think its a mistake. Not the most detailed answer but I'm about 99.9% certain on this one. Others may chime in with more detail.

16-02-2017, 07:56
Many old manual gearbox race cars can and are designed to flat shift.
Any manual gearbox car can shift without clutch. It's just rev matching.
Not great for the teeth but it can do.

20-02-2017, 23:47
My shifter isn't really aftermarket, its the official one for the wheel, I have a Thrusmaster T300 RS (wheel) with T3PA Pro (pedals) and TH8A (shifter) all official Thrustmaster items, in other games if you are driving a Mk.1 escort, the clutch & gears behave normally, but in say a GT3 you can use Shifter OR Paddles at your own will, But NOT in Project cars, paddles work (when they shouldn't) in manual mode, and i can abandon/ignore the clutch in manual mode, in ANY can in Project Cars. I Should not be able to shif manually without operating the clutch pedal, in other games it grinds gears and refuses to go in to gear if I misuse the clutch, Project Cars dose not, in any car new or old. Tyre noise is evident if engine noise is turned up, but its very hard to hear, if i reduce engine noise to hear it better, true nose gets reduced at the same time making it inaudible.

20-02-2017, 23:49
Yes i know about rev matching, I am a bus driver, and i own classic cars with no synchromesh. But in project cars, when i set the game to MANUAL i can change gear with the stick or paddles, and i can ignore the clutch pedal completely, i dont have to rev match.

21-02-2017, 00:16
Auto clutch is off? Because I don't have a h-shift for the G29. I can't paddle shift in any manual cars without clutch. Only if I have auto-clutch: on it shifts.

If you're not sure, pull up the telemetry HUD when you're on track. The yellow bar between the throttle (green) and brake (red) is the clutch. If that is engaging between shifts means your clutch is engaging. If you're not pressing the clutch, then auto-clutch is on.

21-02-2017, 05:55
Not every car in the game is available as full manual. Try shifting without the clutch in a Formula Rookie. If you can shift with the H-shifter or paddles without the clutch and it doesn't force you into neutral, then something is wrong with your settings.

Mad Al
21-02-2017, 10:36
Are you sure you have actually set things up for full manual with clutch.. there are two options, one sets the gearing (auto, semi, manual) the second option is the automatic clutch which can be yes or no (and there is the option to assign a button to toggle whilst driving).

As for being able to use H pattern and paddles interchangeably without having to eff about in the settings to select or being forced to only use the "correct" thing for the car... that's a design choice to give you the freedom to play with whatever you want, when you want... The gear selection timings are supposed to make the playing field level (doesn't always quite work out, but the idea is certainly there) and using an H pattern on a car with a sequential box, you still go through all the gears (all be it , a little too quickly).

And make sure you have mechanical damage on too, if you really want to kill the gears.. it's under gameplay (and that will then depend on the gearbox type as to if it does engage and/or damage).

As for the tyres being a little quiet, that's also true (although other games really do over do the levels, especially of slicks) but you just need to get used to it

21-02-2017, 11:27
I have a T500RS (with clutch) and Lightning SST h-shifter. The game is a little weird with shifters but it depends on your car.

If you drive a car that has a manual h-shift gearbox, than the game is pretty good. You can either shift at the perfect RPM and do it clutchless or use the clutch. I haven't driven a car yet that forces me to double clutch, it's like every car has synchros.

If you use a manual sequential you might have to use the clutch but it depends on the car. Either way you can't skip gears. With those cars I just use my paddles.

IMHO the most fun cars to drive in this game are the older ones and the street stock cars that let me use my SST like a regular h-shifter.

21-02-2017, 15:52
pCARS, as it is, doesn't "force" the use of the clutch in the same vein as some other titles. In the older cars, like the BMW M1 or older, you can miss a shift but in the newer cars it's much harder to miss.