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16-02-2017, 12:08

i searched on the web for a settings of the Fanatec CSL Elite, to obtain a good FFB, but all what i found is PC configuration with settings that doesnt exist on Xbox, or very old thread talking about others fanatec wheels.

i encounter 2 problems :
-i have my wheel rotation on 540 degree. when i drive, it is OK, if i turn the wheel too much, it will "lock" at 270 degree on each side. But if i stop the car, then the wheel is now very very hard to turn, and it even move alone if the wheels of the car are not straight ! it will then turn alone in the tires direction, and exceed the limit of my wheel rotation !

-my wheel is recognized as a "Racing Wheel for Xbox One", and not "Fanatec CSL Elite" or something. On the screen, the wheel shown is the old Xbox 360 wheel with no clutch... so the parameter to have clutch is disabled, so i can't use clutch AND my H-gearbox.

so i would like if you know how to resolve these issues, why developpers don't try every wheels on the market, and then apply a perfect settings for the wheel when a player connect it automatically like it is done on Dirt Rally ?

furthermore, i can't find a good and realistic settings for all FFB settings, because there is too much settings available, there are :
-wheels settings ON the wheel itself
-Configuration tab on the settings of the game
-calibrate wheel on the settings of the game

all of these menus contains many variables, so please if you have a good combination of all these 3, post it here (if you have a CSL Elite of course, or a very similar wheel like CSW V2)

thanks !

18-02-2017, 00:57
since the wheel was released after the game's latest console patch, a specific profile is not available. however, you should be able to assign the axis/buttons (including clutch and shifters) in the assingments menu. Also be sure to have 'auto-clutch' disabled.

as for steering lock, always keep your wheel set to 900 DOR as the game actually uses different steering ratios depending on the specific car setup. steering ratio is a tunable option in the car setup screens.
if you have the wheel limited to 540 or anything besides 900, the steering ratio in game will not calibrate properly and you can get excessive wheel scrubbing and the car handling may feel very odd.

Also you can typically use some FFB settings from other Fanatec wheels.

25-02-2017, 10:18
I did a video on this subject some months ago. It was based on PC version, I don't know if X1 version got the update with official CSL support.


(Italian version (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dp38Xz9mqLU), if you're Italian)