View Full Version : TH8A/T3PA Clutch- let's get real!

16-02-2017, 18:45
So, I have a T300 Alcantara Ferrari base, T3PA Pedals, & TH8A shifter. All work well, and I love the game.
Only issue or question, is that I can't heel & toe downshift. Actually, it's too easy. You can go from 5th to 2nd, dump the clutch and it won't lock the rear end, or over rev the engine (while under heavy braking) It's way too smooth, so the fun factor of trying to heel toe is not needed.
Also, on a standing start if you redline and dump the clutch, it acts like the clutch slips then finally engages with a bit of wheel spin. Upshifts grab like they should, and you can miss shifts if your coordination is off- as it should be. I played with the clutch sensitivity & deadzones, but it doesn't seem to have the effect I'm looking for. Everything is calibrated. Manual clutch is ON.
Bottom line is that I want really punishing downshifts, just like in a real race car.


Thanks in advance!


16-02-2017, 21:45
Check the Diff Settings..???

17-02-2017, 01:20
Check the Diff Settings..???

As in rear diff settings? Didn't even cross my mind, but it does feel like the power to the pavement is really 'soft'. I'm running a totally stock setup (for now) on every car I have driven.

I will check and report back.
Thanks for the tip.


17-02-2017, 17:26
So I actually found where to change the setup, changed the diff, and like magic, the car(s) is now a wonderful beast! Been Driving the IMSA Audi GTO and the Zakspeed Capri for reference. I now realize I'm awful at heel n toe, but with the new settings you can really throw the cars around and drive them with the throttle.

Time to fabricate new pedals now :)

Thanks for the help!