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19-02-2017, 19:36
This setup works great with the XBox controller and I'm assuming the PS4 controller as well. This is a bit of an unusual setup compared to the other setup guides online, but I find it works well with all car types with a little tweaking here and there.

First set your Controller input mode to "1", this may sound unusual as I have said but combined with the rest of the settings, I found this input mode to be the most compatible. I believe this mode has something to do with the steering linearity, with 1 being more accurate and smooth towards the center of the analog and 3 being more accurate and smooth towards the edge of the analog which explains why 3 is twitchy when your trying to make small adjustments on the track.

Now on to the rest of the setting. The Deadzone's are personal preference but keep them low nevertheless. Throttle and Brake Sensitivity are personal as well, do as you like with them.

Steering Deadzone: 2
Steering Sensitivity: 0 (Important)

Throttle Deadzone: 2
Throttle Sensitivity: 30

Brake Deadzone: 2
Brake Sensitivity: 45

Speed Sensitivity: 80 (You may need to lower this setting for some higher performance cars due to increased down force)
Controller Filtering Sensitivity: 0

Forced Feedback: 80

Advanced: On
Soft Steering Dampening: On
Visual Wheel Filtering Off
Opposite Lock Help: Off (For some reason this setting makes the car more twitchy so its not worth its benefits)

Also Turn assists "All on" or "Real".

This is the best I could do with a lot of experimenting.

kevin kirk
23-02-2017, 01:49
feel I might mention a odd thing I have found for controller gameplay. If ever you turn the opposite lock help on in the advanced section of the settings. When ever you try and turn that opposite lock help off it doesn't fully seem to turn off until you recycle thur your preset numbers fully resetting your controller. Your visual wheel on the screen will continue to have more steering lock and the jerky feeling will still be there even after you turn the opposite lock help off until you cycle thur your preset numbers resetting all the controls..... I have found that controller gameplay settings works as if you need to set everything on 0 and think of it as each slider you are adding more of that effect to the controls. meaning the sliders should all come on zero and you are adding more of that effect assigned to that slider to the controls as you move the slider to a higher number if that makes sense. In fact all of mine are on zero exept for the speed sensitivity and filtering.