View Full Version : gamedata not saveing after new win 10 install onto my PC

22-02-2017, 17:49
Hi there,

some weeks ago i have been working on install a new clean win 10 64 bit onto my pc. After that i installed steam and copied the saved userdata to the new installation "C:\Steam\userdata\57820748\234630". I copied also the "Documents\Project CARS"-Folder to my new User-Profile. The name of the new user is different to the old win 10 installation. I mountet the steamlibrary where PCars was installed. The game is loading fine. My wheel-datas (T500 RS) were gone. So i changed the data, but the game shows the message that it coud'nt be saved (try again, yes no). So i searched in the internet for a solution and tried starting with admin rights, tried to delete the gamesave, tried to delete lokal gamedata and reinstall it with my CD's, but no luck. I did'nt use cloud saving in steam.

Any advice for me, please?

Thx Dirk