View Full Version : TrackIR Stop working

23-02-2017, 23:51
Went to do some practice to day and my TR is not working. Did we get some update today that my have affected it. Tried launching from steam, and desktop shortcut and no work in either. I know it not my TR because it works in other sims.

Is it still supported? anyone know what has happened since yesterday?


24-02-2017, 00:20
Did you switch from helmet view to cockpit view by mistake? Only works in helmet view, so cycle the cameras and see if that fixes it.

24-02-2017, 07:32
No updates in a long while, unless you spent the last months in offline mode and connected again today.

25-02-2017, 01:21
Thanks for the mention. I must have accidentally bumped the camera button on my wheel when I was exiting the sim the day before. It never cross my mind of that being the case. Or too cycle the camera.:culpability: