View Full Version : Playseat Challenge and TH8A Shifter

Alan Dallas
24-02-2017, 16:08
Those of you with the Playseat Challenge know the struggle of mounting the TH8A shifter.
After a bit of research I had given up for a bit in finding a way to mount one before I ordered one. THEN a co-worker one day showed up to work with his motorcycle with the coolest mount on his handlebars I had ever seen.
It was from RAM Mounts he informed me. http://www.rammount.com

They have tons of different sizes of Ball mounts and it's very modular. So after digging around their website I came up with these parts to mount to the side(as next to me and not up by the wheel) of my Challenge.


$60 plus shipping for all 3 parts(in the U.S.). When I get it in I'll update this post.
Looks like it'll be an excellent solution for mounting the TH8A. :D

Oh and here's a Video of how their Ball mounting systems work.