View Full Version : Shift dual button lost

24-02-2017, 21:55
Hi guys.

I have a problem. I changed function of the gear knob and now i hant it backm but the problem is, If i define the shift up to the knob i lose the shift up function on the steering wheel paddles.

I really would like to get it back without changing to default once i swapped almost all buttons.

Thanks a lot

25-02-2017, 03:54
Unfortunately you can only have one assignment for gear up/down so if you have a sequential shifter you have to keep changing the assignment between the shifter and the paddles.

25-02-2017, 13:58
Since you cannot manually assign more than one function per button, you'll have to wipe your current controller config to get back to defaults (which has the auto double assignment already in it). You can do this by selecting a different controller profile (say, Xbox gamepad), then exit pCARS. Open pCARS back up and select your correct wheel profile and it will have the defaults reassigned.