View Full Version : Logitech G290 or G29 for Pcars PC racing?

Doctor Doom
10-03-2017, 19:34
My G27 center spring broke and Logitech is replacing it with either a G920 or G29 racing wheel. It's always nice to have a warranty. Which wheel should I get? I don't have a XBONE or PS4. Which wheel is better? I see the G29 has the shift indicator lights.

Doctor Doom
10-03-2017, 21:38
I need feedback. Should I get the Logitech G29 wheel or G920 wheel? This is a replacement for my G27.

Doctor Doom
10-03-2017, 22:26
Jay B,
I see you have the G29 yourself. Are you using for the PC or PS4?