View Full Version : Assigning paddles with a Logitech G29

12-03-2017, 07:38
Hi.just bought this wheel. Haven't got the shifter and want to use the paddles to change gears. In the control menu my paddles act as R1 and L1 to toggle left and right between the various screens. I go to the edit assignment screen and by default the shift up and down are assigned to the shifter. I use the D-pad to move down to shift up or down. If I pull the paddle to try and assign it, it just seems to still act as R1 or L1 and won't change the input. I thought maybe you're supposed to press something else like X to then bring up the option to assign another input but all that happens is X then becomes assigned to the shift up or down (X is assigned to handbrake by default). Surely there's a way to assign the paddles to change gear? The Project Cars website says the game is compatible with a G29. It's driving me mad. Any help much appreciated!

Leonardo Da Vinci
12-03-2017, 08:54
Hi, Just woke up so I'm useless atm but if you haven't sorted it in a bit let me know on here when you're online and if you want you can add me as a friend, (my psn ID is Danger Mouse) invite me to a party chat (assuming you have a headset and mike) and we can have a go at sorting it out.

If not, someone on here will post the solution but I've not had my G29/PCars long enough to know the solution off the top of my (sleepy) head :fatigue:

12-03-2017, 13:49
Use the D-pad to move down to shift up or down. You're supposed to press X to then bring up the option to assign another input...

You already gave the solution yourself ;-) Select what you want to change > press X > press the new button or paddle... Done.

12-03-2017, 18:21
Thanks. Sorted. Have no idea why I wasn't doing this properly before. Seems so obvious now I've got it to work. Clearly I'd lost the plot! Really appreciate the help.....