View Full Version : I have too much problem With Logitech Momo. Please gimme advice

15-03-2017, 20:29
I am using Logitech Momo Wheel. I know not the best but I played lots of games with it.
And yes I am used to play sim racing cars. But in this game there are lots of problems that I could not fix.
First of all steering pedal works wrong and with just a smooth touching to gas, it gets oversteer and using cars are impossible. Then I realise that in config part there is a throttle sensitivity and I increase it to %100. First that seems a bit ok, at least according to the beginning but not enough. Then In every car has a steering ratio and I increase it to slow. And One last thing I downloaded and set up Jack Spade FFB files. Now most of the cars can be playable but still there are some cars still horrible. For an easy and clear example Historic Ford Escord. Com'on this car can not be that hard even I try to drive it in real. It is going undercontrol like it has 1000 hp!
But the strange thing is not just that. the thing that I could not understand, last night I was playing in career mode with BMW M1 and also the weather was rainy and come 5th at practice mode and in the qualification I was in top 10 but my friend called and I just quit. The next day I did not change any settings but it is now again impossible to drive without oversteer and spinning.At the corners with small touching to gas it loose control to inside of the turn like wheel is locking!
I really got bored to try to fix these damn settings and horrible setup of that game.
Can someone give advice what can I do to fix this game's horrible driveabilty?

15-03-2017, 23:10
What settings are you using in the controller screen which has "Sensitivity" listed for all axis (i.e. steering, acceleration, brake and clutch)?

16-03-2017, 10:10
Slow steering ratio will not help. Try ~15:1 in garage tuning menu. I use 12:1 or 13.5:1 (10:1 at Azure circuit, open wheel cars).

Calibrate wheel and pedals as per on screen instructions.
Controller settings:
Controller mode 3 (bottom of controller settings screen, set this first!)
Steering sensitivity 50
Throttle sensitivity 50
Advanced off
All deadzones 0

Also in gameplay settings maybe traction control on, auto-clutch on.

The classics aren't easy to drive fast like modern race cars.

16-03-2017, 20:07
My all sensitivity setting were %100 because I thought with %50 it gets more gas with just touching. Now I turn them back and seems a bit more fair right now. It is strange wht it was horrible before at %50 but now seems more ok :/ Some settings are like always changing with my wheel but I don't understand. Anyway I will try a bit more with these setting. Thanks for now.