View Full Version : VR SIMVIBE and CPU I see drops is it GPU or CPU?

16-03-2017, 17:25
I have been running VR now for months. With latest ASW and OC testing I have the 1070 maxed out and I have my I5 4690K running at 4.15GHZ DDR3 is OC to 2200 I think 16GB

I like ASW at 45FPS locked it is fluid for me and runs fine. SS is the key and 1.5+ is better.
I was running pretty solid 45FPS lines but recently as I played more with simvibe I noticed significant variations

Sometimes same track/conditions etc I would get great AA solid 45FPS play
Next time I would bound around 38FPS which with ASW is crap.

I played with OC and realized +145mhz on the GPU was too much it would occasionally lock and overheat and it didn't seem to effect the bad FPS when running 38.
135 seemed same as 145 for FPS but memory helped more, which I run at 360mhz+

Then I played same settings with simvibe off and system was rock solid again at 45FPS. i continued testing to dial in my GPU
+135/365 at 86% voltage and 105CPU seemed to max it out. I was able to run 45-50FPS in ASW rock solid play even add more cars weather etc......

SO since the GPU didn't effect the low FPS but simvibe did I assume my CPU is limiting me?
I was thinking do I
A: just buy a 1080 and OC it and I will see a 10% boost I assume over the 1070
b: Get a i7 7700k, z270, 16gb DDR4 and I can swap my system out.

Long run B will make sense and I assume will be as fast or faster with the 1070 and new stuff then a 1080 and my current stuff?

10-04-2017, 15:59
From your sig it looks like you went with option B.

Did upgrading to a 7700k give you better frames?

23-05-2017, 18:13
My i5 4690k was holding my 980ti back in Elite Dangerous.
I found a discounted i7 4790k and it helped quite a bit with the <45 fps instances.

But now after I have gotten a 1080ti it too isn't entirely up to snuff.
Upgrading from 1600mhz RAM to 2400mhz sticks helped a bit too.
But I'm not aiming for 45 fps either.

Right now I'm waiting to see what Intel does with the next series on 14nm (coffee lake) or for Ryzen to mature a little.
All while my bank account recuperates after getting this gpu ;)

It's limited what we can do with the 3-4 series Intel's.
So you really want current gear in your entire rig for VR.
Multicore processing is becoming more and more pertinent for gaming, especially for frame rates higher than 60fps.
But beyond any doubt, i5's aren't enough for VR gaming not yet anyways.

Interesting to see if Intel releases a genuine six core i5 and i7 (with hyperthreading) under the coffee lake moniker this year.

23-05-2017, 22:56
1600Mhz mem is not enough for Haswell and above. And it seems Ryzen likes fast memory too (no less than 2400 or so I've read).

I do know I bought my g.skill 2400 (XMP) and it helped quite a bit. But less than 1833 I can't really recommend.

There was an article on this for when Haswell appeared and the ryzen one is obviously recent :)

24-05-2017, 18:28
I only got 2400mhz RAM simply because it was the fastest ddr3 RAM I could get on my z97 chipset.

I was actually surprised it was noticeable at all since I only bought them so I could take my 1600mhz chips out and use in the htpc.

Next build will most likely use 3400mhz ddr4 at least.