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17-03-2017, 18:06
Wanted to share for anyone who has bought or is thinking of buying a Thrustmaster TS-PC Racer.

After about 6 weeks my TS-PC Racer developed a buzzing noise which would start up about 5 or 10 mins after I started using the wheel. I bought it direct from TM so better raise a support ticket I thought. I done so and sent them a description of the problem along with a video of the noise.

I was trying to get TM to send me a replacement wheel before I had to send mine off for repair as being without it is a huge inconvenience but the signs weren't good. 3 days and several calls and emails later while waiting to hear about whether they would send me a replacement first I got this in an email (extracted the relevant part below verbatim).

We have been informed that the type and level of noise that you are getting from the unit is normal.

This has been replicated on some of our own units used in all sorts of testing.

This noise is caused by the fan inside the unit and the level of it is within the normal limits.

This is the very video I sent them:


Here was crazy old me thinking my PC-Racer was faulty. I'm of course much happier now that my PC Racer isn't faulty after all and that noise I can hear through noise cancelling headphones while a car engine blares through them comes as standard with TS-PC Racers.

So if you have a PC Racer don't worry folks, it's normal!! If you are thinking of buying one though you might have to wait a few weeks for this feature to appear.

PS - I asked for a refund after this. I didn't get one so I'm left with a 500 faulty wheel they won't repair.
PPS - morale of the story is don't buy direct from Thrustmaster as their support is awful and TBH don't buy a TS-PC Racer as in their words - a loud buzzing noise coming from the base is "normal".
PPPS - apologies if you've already read this post elsewhere - I'm spreading the news

Roger Prynne
17-03-2017, 18:59
Sounds like the bearing on the fan is knackered to me.... bummer that they wont do anything about it though.

Looks like you might have to take it apart to investigate.

17-03-2017, 22:59
Good old thrustmaster i have a t500 and t300 used the t300 one time put back in the box t500 i like better . But i would of never bought thrustmaster stuff if it wasn't for console bs. But im happy with t500 thought wheel was broke at one point but it was the FFB bug lol after five months i figured that out. If they ever build a DD wheel the fan blade might blow out the thing scary. Hope it lasts for you all that money too do that already could of bought a g27 if you wanted a noisy wheel lol.

18-03-2017, 09:10
If anyone wants to see inside the TS-PC racer see this follow on vid https://youtu.be/-A-N1i-bmYo

The noise is from a fan inside the motor itself.

20-03-2017, 11:35
Looks like I fixed the problem - done a full nights racing after applying it and no noise!!

Turns out there is a spring of sorts on the central spindle of the motor which is anchored to the spindle at one end (so the spring turns as you turn the wheel) whose purpose appears to be to hold the fan in place and hence pushes against it. But it's just the open end of a coiled piece of wire basically and the cut part of the wire pushes on the fan and looked to have a slightly rough edge. Solution was to pull this end back over the spring so it was caught a rung down and kept away from the fan. Very tricky to do in such a small space but used the edge of a pointy knife and sneaked it. These 2 pics illustrate it better with a slinky :) BEFORE - http://imgur.com/a/Hc8WU AFTER - http://imgur.com/a/LyEKd

Thrustmaster have a flaw in the design of this motor. I've had 2 other people come to me with the same problem which in combination with TM saying they can recreate the noise in their lab and in their words is normal, means until they accept this is an issue and make a design change, you can expect to get this issue with a PC-Racer and TM won't support it as a fault.

I hope this helps anyone that has the wheel and puts others off from buying it until TM get their head out the sand and fix it.

Roger Prynne
20-03-2017, 12:46
Good find and fix mate..... the AFTER pic does not work by the way.