View Full Version : [RESOLVED] Game Crash-What to Delete

21-03-2017, 12:33
Sorry, it's been a while since this happened and I can't remember what to delete to get the game working again. I went to my Users folder and deleted Project cars(it is now much smaller in size) and deleted and re-installed the game in my Steam Library with no success, I still can't save anything in the tuning section. There seems to be some information from the crashed game, still recognizes my wheel and FFB settings. Right now I am just stuck on stupid and any help would be appreciated.

21-03-2017, 12:50
You're looking for the default.sav file, but I always forget its location (somewhere in your Steam/Steamapps folder, just search for it on your HDD :)).

Mad Al
21-03-2017, 12:55
<Steam Install Folder>\userdata\<Your Steam ID>\234630\local\project cars\profiles

21-03-2017, 13:09
Thanks, everybody, but you especially Mad Al:excitement: I'll try again.

21-03-2017, 15:36
Thanks again Mad Al:triumphant: That worked. Now I have to redo everything but at least that is possible now.