View Full Version : New Build results: FPS impact Haswell to Kaby Good !!!

22-03-2017, 14:35
I was seeing big FPS dips when running simvibe and shared memory on my system. To the point where I turned off simvibe since it impacted the game so much in VR.

Old System
Asus z97K
500gb SSD
16gb DDR3
Haswell 4690k @ 4.1ghz
GTX 1070 OC +125GPU/+350mem
Oculus Rift
TX458 rig with simvibe and usb sound card
cryorig H5 fan cooler

After all my testing w/ simvibe on DS2X gave the best ASW speeds at 1.45 SS range. This looks good, solid 45FPS with ASW enabled and 10-15 cars some weather and 90% of teh tracks locked at 45fps even at starting grid.
I played with 4x AA and/or SS above 1.6 and the image quality is SOOO much better but I couldnt run it well enough. Maybe hot laps on Mazda sure but add some cars and nope. I did more testing 1 night with simvibe off after a nvdia update for ASW in Feb and I thought I had a new system. I could run 1.7 at 2x and even 1.5 at 4x for some tracks. Man I loved it. Then I realized it was simvibe or memory share causing my issues.

I noticed, that with the i5 once my race started my CPU utlization was alwasy pegged -50% or more with or without simvibe. So I built my new rig. I debated to get a 1080TI or was it the CPU but after my test I said lets try a new CPU with the same setup.

So I installed
Cryorig AIO A40 ultimate
Asus z270F Strix
GSKILLZ DDR4 3200mhz 16gb

I swapped over my same

I put items in same slots and sata locations and booted up. NO CLEAN INSTALL of WIN10!! Just swapped
Thing refreshed drivers and booted up no issues.!!! nothing was missing in device manager.... weird?

So I will test more and report. But stock settings 4.2/4.5 and 2400MHZ ddr4 (no xmp yet)
I ran PCARS again....

without shared memory
Think was ROCK stable at 45FPS even bumped to 50 at times. I started with 2x SS 1.5 and ran up to 4x at 1.7 and it was the same. solid 45fps!!! and at 4x 1.7 it looked incredible.!!!!
CPU% in debug was no longer in -%. Still low when running at 4x 1.7 like 0-10% but still better then pegged -50%

With simvibe on
Unfortunately I did see the return of FPS dips but much better. At 2x,1.5 it ran solid 45 FPS at 1.7 it had some slight dips at start grid but level off to 45 quickly. 4x was playable but SS 1.4 range to get solid 45FPS
CPU % was low but still hovered above 0%

This is still a huge bump. I can actually play 4x SS 1.2+ with simvibe and it looks insane. I will test more to dial it in.
I am excited to turn simvibe off and try 6x or 4x at 1.7.....

I hope pcars addresses the shared memory thing. I know other games that have simvibe all don't have issue. I could run Dirt3 8x, ss 1.5-2.0 even no issues and looks insane especially on replays with simvibe.
I will keep this thread uptodate

1 more thing. I did test the OC briefly and it was stable at 5.1ghz I didnt get to play but I did run pcars and it ran no crashes at 4x 2.0 no simvibe rock solid!!!