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22-03-2017, 23:03
I just tried my new OSW direct drive wheel with the Fanatec USB conversion on the Fanatec BMW GT3 rim and when it works it feels good still need to do some MMOS tweaking . I did notice that for some reason when I exit out of game back to my PC desktop and then load game I lose all my wheel settings and I have to redo. This is what I do . I go to control setting I first select custom wheel I then assign control settings for my pedals ,wheel shifter and buttons on my wheel. I then calibrate : Wheel ,pedals then save and finally I make my FFB adjustments and save as well . I then enter a practice,race or online event and all works as it should . Once I exit out of game back to my PC desktop and load Project cars to play again and try to do a practice,race or online event all my previous custom wheel settings are gone and I have to start over. Please help.

24-04-2017, 16:16
I believe I have read of this happening to others on another forum. It seemed the problem was the game sees your wheel as a Fanatec wheel each time it starts and throws everything out. I have an OSW with a custom button plate, and Pcars saves the settings correctly for "custom wheel"

02-05-2017, 11:40
Same problem for me, using the DIY solution with a Teensy.. Are you using this or the Bodnar kit? Or something entirely different?

Have you yet found a solution?

02-05-2017, 16:16
Found something inside the AF/DD thread. Going to try that later/tomorrow

@yeha For OSW Use the Custom Wheel selected as wheel map all your buttons and calibrate wheel then every time before loading pcars disconnect your fanatec usb hub then after pcars has started plug it back in and all the settings should be kept ( I have the same thing when I use my t500 t3pa pedals it detects my t500 and makes it the default and messes up my button maps)