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23-03-2017, 23:29
Hi - I'm using the Oculus version of Project Cars. I have been using the replay feature a bit lately and recording the footage on Shadowplay.

However, it seems the Oculus center cursor thing keeps turning on the replay control HUD when certain criteria are met. I'm not sure what that criteria is, but it seems when the cursor remains still and starts flashing, it will re engage the control HUD, which is thoroughly annoying as it ruins the footage.

Actually, this cursor thing is rather annoying all round. Even in the game menus I am doing one thing with the paddles on the game controller and if i keep my head still for more than 2 seconds the Rift cursor will select whatever it is looking at. It's like a battle of wits with a two-headed body.

Is there a way to turn off this Rift cursor thing?

27-03-2017, 10:42

To disable the very annoying gaze control, you have to edit the 'selection delay' value in config file:
\Documents\Project CARS\oculussettings.xml.
Edit 'PointTriggerTime' from default 1.5 (seconds) to something bigger, e.g.:
<prop name="PointerTriggerTime" data="300" />

Now you can stare any UI element for 5 full minutes before it does anything

29-03-2017, 01:13
Now there is a reply worth waiting for! It works perfectly and I am very happy. mattan ... I love you.