View Full Version : sudden loss of power for a couple of seconds

26-03-2017, 10:36

I had this game on ps4 since day one and a t300rs with stock pedals to go with it. I've encountered several bugs (handable) but the latest month a new, at least for me, issue have acurred. When racing - solo or multiplayer - regardless of car or track, when downshifting or just braking hard and getting ready to downshift the cars power just dies and stays off for a couple of seconds. During thoose seconds, the steering won't work and the car goes straight (most often off track) until the power comes back. Not an ideal situation for league racing,or any racing for that matter.

I've tried to reset the wheels settings an re-calibrate every time i startup the game. The issue still remains. I've also tried to clean all connecting contacts of the wheel/pedals, with no improvment.

Anyone experianced this problem and have a possible solution. If you just have a solution it will work as well ;-)

Ps. My driving style is the same as it were before this issue started.
Ps2. This happens at least every other lap, sometimes multipel times a lap.

I'm happy for any input i can get and hopefully there is a simple solution i just havent thaught of.


26-03-2017, 14:05
Have you tried plugging your wheel into another USB port?

26-03-2017, 20:18
Good thinking, i'll try that. Thanks!