View Full Version : Fanatec Porsche 911 GT3rs Wheel and Ps4

27-03-2017, 01:21

I recently picked up the Fanatec 911 GT3rs Wheel...Pcars says it supports the wheel..tried many way to start game...wheel on...wheel off..used the ds4 to the start screen etc...but just freezes up...unplug the wheel from the. PS4...Pcars starts up.

Prior to starting Pcars...went to Fanatec and dloaded latest drivers...works good on PC with Assetto Corsa...so I know the wheel works fine.

Any idea's? Anyone else run into this?

Thanks in advance

27-03-2017, 13:44
Sony no longer supports Fanatec products.

27-03-2017, 17:54
Sony no longer supports Fanatec products.

Yeah, but as I understand it, SMS never updated pCARS to reflect the new policies. There is speculation that the reason we haven't seen an update is because SMS would rather not remove Fanatec support, and that Sony requires it in any approved updates.

Add to this, the fact that the official ProjectCARS website still lists many Fanatec products under the Playstation 4 supported wheel list.


So while it is true that Sony no longer supports Fanatec products on their platform, there is some gray area as it relates to already released software like ProjectCARS.

Nomad06, I'm not all that familiar with the historical Fanatec line up, but the pCARS website lists only the "v2" version of that wheel. Are you sure yours is a v2?

23-04-2017, 18:24

I am using a Fantec 911 GT3 V2 with the PS4 and PS4pro and it works fine.
So here my starting procedure:

- start the PS4
- turn on the wheel
- start the game with the controller
- as pcars startscreen appears, press the X-button on the wheel

After the game finished the starting procedure, you can setup the wheel in the menu.

As bradleyland mentioned, check the version of your wheel (V2?).