View Full Version : Fairmont Hairpin (Azure/Monaco) in Formula B

28-03-2017, 09:44
Morning all.

I'm having an issue navigating around the Fairmont hairpin at Azure/Monaco, particularly on cold tyres when on an out lap in practice/qualy. I've spent a while looking at car setup and made changes to the diff, caster, etc, as well as the normal changes to downforce - this seems to work when I've got heat in the tyres after a couple of laps.

But on an outlap, despite being in first gear and trying to crawl around, the car picks up speed going down hill and the tyres don't grip enough to keep it tight and I am just helplessly drifting in to the barrier. Of course hitting the brakes doesn't work either, because the car straightens up and again in to the barrier.

FYI, I'm using a Logitech G29 (setup using the recommended FFB settings from this forum).

Any driving tips or advice for wheel settings, car setup, etc, would be massively appreciated! I love the challenge of the circuit and I'm pretty good for the rest of the lap but this issue is killing any enjoyment for me. Thanks.

28-03-2017, 13:06
What's your steering ratio and brake bias?
Note the steering ratio adjustment won't work properly if your wheel isn't calibrated properly i.e. as per on screen instructions.

28-03-2017, 20:59
Yeah the wheel is calibrated. Fiddled with the steering ratio (changed to 8.4:1 I think) and that seems to have done the trick. Still flaming difficult to get the corner right mind!

28-03-2017, 22:04
Certainly. I've got round it with 10:1.
Bit more brake bias to the rear might help it avoid lock up.