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01-04-2017, 03:01
New Project CARS 2 info has been leaked:


-There will be 3 editions of Project CARS 2, the regular edition, the Unrated Edition, and the VRated edition.
The Unrated edition will feature grid girls before the races and during podium, a secret button to raise the finger whenever other drivers cause you trouble, as well as the ability to use Sebastian Vettel's strong words on the radio.
The VRated edition will have everything the Unrated edition has as well as full VR support and will take the immersion to the next level. The VRated edition will come with a high tech state of the art VR racing cockpit that simulates all the sensations a driver feels while inside the car (custom fit racing suit, gloves, boots & helmet will be available as exclusive DLC). The player will feel the G-forces and every bump of the track (for those worried about motion sickness due to the G-forces inside the cockpit fear not, the high tech racing cockpit comes equipped with FIA grade 1 sickness bags conveniently placed inside the cockpit). Players will get hit in the face with a pillow to simulate airbag deployment during a crash, a bucket of water will be thrown at the player's face when he crosses a river in a rally stage, and there will be a fan blowing wind at the player's face to simulate the aerodynamic effects of driving an open top car. Players will also feel a slap on the face if they try to touch the grid girls.

-Project CARS 2 will place heavy emphasis on interacting with the community. Besides the usual community events of online races & time trials there will be also competitions to select best pictures & videos posted by community members, and competitions to find the best setups and most knowledgeable members of the community. The most impressive jaw dropping pics & videos will be rewarded with the "Ed Mas seal of quality". Players who demonstrate most knowledge about cars will receive the "Casey Ringley car expert award".

-All tracks in Project CARS 2 will be laser scanned, every piece of gravel & dirt will be laser scanned, the water puddles will be laser scanned, even raindrops & snowflakes will be laser scanned for full realism. The Unrated & VRated editions will feature laser-scanned grid girls.

-Project CARS 2 will feature LiveTrack3.0. There will be rain, snow, hail, wind, lightning, tornadoes, sandstorms, landslides & earthquakes. The weather will be so realistic that even air pollution and global warming will be simulated. The tracks will feel so alive that you will be able to interact with walls in street circuits (and thus recreate Ayrton Senna's famous "the wall moved" moment at Detroit), advertising boards will fall during the race in Interlagos, madmen will run on the track at Silverstone, and the crowd will populate the track at the end of the race in Monza (if you have the VRated edition and you win at Monza driving a Ferrari the tifosi will carry you on their shoulders). Tracks will also feel alive by the presence of kangaroos at Bathurst, deers at Nurburgring, dogs at Istanbul, and rabbits at Bristol.

-Project CARS 2 will have realistic career mode. Players can start their career as a young child who watches races on TV & dreams of becoming a famous racing driver while racing toy cars in their backyard (toy cars will be available as day 1 free DLC), and try to work their way through the various classes of motorsport to reach the top. Win championships throughout the seasons to become the ultimate world racing champion or fail a lot and end up as a broke used car salesman.

-Project CARS 2 will feature animated pitcrews. In fact pitcrews will be so animated that crew members will high five each other after a successful pitstop and they will jump on the pitwall to celebrate your victory. Also, Project CARS 2 will feature a highly advanced ragdoll physics model to accurately model the crew member's movement after being hit by a car that overshot the stopping spot. If you have the VRated edition the high tech cockpit's self-deploying fire extinguisher will spray you in the face in case of fuel spill & fire.

-After much debate by the developers and community SMS decided to include mod support in Project CARS 2. When you click "mod support" on the main menu a forum moderator will come to your house and give you a hug.

-There have been rumors about the Project CARS 2 team and the Red Bull Air Race team collaborating on a secret Project CARS 2 DLC pack that will include the AeroMobil 3.0 & PAL-V Liberty 2018 as well as a secret airport track and flying lap career & community events, but so far SMS boss Ian Bell has denied all rumors.

2016 leaked news (http://forum.projectcarsgame.com/showthread.php?46248-Cancelled-Project-CARS-2&p=1260005&viewfull=1#post1260005)

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It's true, I already have my suitcase packed to start huggin' all over the world.

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Oh yeah its April 1st :rolleyes:.

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-After much debate by the developers and community SMS decided to include mod support in Project CARS 2. When you click "mod support" on the main menu a forum moderator will come to your house and give you a hug

The best part...sometimes I feel that I could use a good hug :p

I didn't saw any mention about Pod Racing. No Pod Racing? This game stinks!

Will be possible to use the walls to gain speed? Will be possible to choose between "grip" or "drift" handling? Will be possible to win a race against the most experienced racers with all assists "on" (including auto-braking and guiding lines), auto gears, with a gamepad and without any racing experience? If the answer to all my questions are "no", I will not even touch Pcars 2 :p

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Which edition of the game are you guys going to get?

Will be possible to use the walls to gain speed?
No, but you can interact with walls to make opponents crash into them like the Senna example in the OP.

You forgot to ask the most important question: is PCars2 going to support the biggest revolution in PC gaming history?


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You had me at laser scanned grid girls :o

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You had me at laser scanned grid girls :o
Accuracy in all areas of the game, right?

Azure Flare
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Accuracy in all areas of the game, right?


There is a grid girls thread over on WMD...

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Accuracy in all areas of the game, right?

Because sim.

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You had me at laser scanned grid girls :o


Hmmmm, grid girls...

"We will not have laser scanned grid girls in Pcars 2"