View Full Version : Why can't a slide be caught smoothly ?

01-04-2017, 13:18
After driving the rad bull recently i discovered a flaw with the steering which results in instant tank slappers.

Could it be that in controller settings it has 2 seperate steering settings(left,right) instead of using 1 axis(like on rfactor for example) which means holding a slide is very difficult as you jump from left to right with no transition.

Mad Al
01-04-2017, 15:35
what exactly are you using as a controller.. because I'm really not following why you would think that is a problem.. the ability to assign left and right separately is fundamental to being able to steer with a keyboard for example..
rFactor does have separate assignments for left and right. left would be axis -, right would be axis +, which is exactly how PC does it too.. so I'm really not sure what you think you have found, without giving more detail

01-04-2017, 22:27
Hard enough to catch slides with a wheel. I've got a little better since I got a wheel, but not a lot. Still many tank slapper.
Hard enough to catch a slide in a real car but anyone supposed to do it easy on a gamepad?