View Full Version : Happy early birthday

06-04-2017, 03:49
I got a t300 with the tp3a pro pedals from my buddy and bought a sim cockpit from him as well... he said it cost him a grand all together, gave him 400 bucks... he wants new fanatech stuff but what I got is freakin awesome. It's so much easier to read the road/car and "feather" pedals... much better than pad. Gonna check out ffb settings and mess around with it for a bit, any suguestions? (I'm going to hop around on here a bit... just excited is all)

06-04-2017, 04:03
Thats awesome! I have the same wheel and just bought the t3pa pro pedals and th8a shifter. Both are amazing. Oh yeah happy birthday.

07-04-2017, 14:22
Congrats and happy birthday.
Have a look in the relevant ffb threads and on

Also have a play with steering ratio in car setup.
Controller mode 3, steering sensitivity 50 and advanced: off gives me direct 1:1 control. It'll take a few hours to get used to it but as you can tell this game really comes alive with an ffb wheel. The only pb I haven't beaten with a wheel is my Indy time at Road America, but every other track car combo I've smashed my gamepad times. Much more consistent and fun.
My brother had a go last weekend and loved it. Thought he could handle the CLK LM at Silverstone GP lol