View Full Version : Career Mode Locked After 40hrs Gameplay

08-04-2017, 18:12
I've been playing Project CARS GOTY Edition PS4 for several months, and I'm currently on season 4 in Career Mode.

However, yesterday I went to play in Career Mode and it is now locked along with the Load/Delete box.

But, in Profile > Career all Accolades, Endorsements & Invitations are all blank. Everything that I've acquired/earned has been lost except for the Trophies, I've still got those.

Created a new profile thinking that this would allow me to load my existing profile but it no longer exists, just my new profile. So it looks like I have to do it all again :mad:

11-04-2017, 06:38
Did you you check to see if a copy was saved on your cloud drive?