View Full Version : Question about if I won LMP 1 in Le Mans 24H by season 2 invitation.

09-04-2017, 01:04
Hi guys,

Few minute ago, I got 3rd in Le Mans 24H on season 2.
My Main career in season 2 was Super Kart.

After the race, I could sign GT3, LMP2, LMP3, Clio Cup & Super Kart.
Now I have sign as LMP2 team which use Alpine LMP2.

If I won the Le Mans with LMP1, possible sign into LMP1 team on season 3?


09-04-2017, 01:58
I'm not sure if your finish position in the Le Mans 24hr invitational has any influence on what contracts you get, but if you've signed a contract to race a season in LMP2 and win the main championship you should get a contract in LMP1.