View Full Version : Vive vs Rift

10-04-2017, 16:18
For those who have had experience with both, Which one did you like more. I am borrowing my friends Vive and its awesome, but I see the rift thread is much more popular than the vive one.

11-04-2017, 06:20
I have not used both, only the Rift. From all the reviews I researched, I found that most said that the Rift was more comfortable to wear, but (at the time) the Vive was preferred because of it's controllers and room scale. But now the Rift has controllers as well.

So the main points of decision making would be
1) Do you care about room scale or will you mostly play seated/standing still?
2) Which platform has any exclusively supported games that you are keen on?

The key specifications are basically the same for both. Your CPU is unsupported but might still work ok. For pCARS I expect that the nVidia GTX 1070 will play ok with low to medium graphics settings.