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12-04-2017, 20:33
I've had this error on and off ever since I bought the game (october last year I think). I've reinstalled the OS since then, so I'm baffled as to why this is happening. As far as I can make out, it has something to do with changing race conditions as this seems to be the only time this happens. I was just disconnected from a race where the race was transitioning from day to night.

CONTROL METHOD - Logitech G920
CAR/TRACK/TIRES - (on this instance) McLaren 12C GT3, Snetterton 300, Slicks - Soft
Intel I7-2700K (not OC)
8GB RAM DDR3 (not OC)
GTX 780 (not OC)
Windows 10 Pro

I'm not running fraps, geforce experience, or lux.

Fucking spam filter, man, how am I meant to link screenshots or debug files smh

Guess I'll type the screenshot out. PM me for debug link file or something....


File: Source\Core\PlatformAPI\BPlatformAPIPC.cpp
Line: 228
Func: MWL::Base::_BPureCall

Pure Virtual Call trapped

Any help very much appreciated!! Much love <3

12-04-2017, 22:11
Does this happen every race (online/offline) or only online? Does it happen every online race?

12-04-2017, 22:26
On a side note, you need at least 5 post to be able to attach debug files using the 'Go Advanced' Tab.

12-04-2017, 22:51
Does this happen every race (online/offline) or only online? Does it happen every online race?

I've only noticed it happen online, as I don't do much offline play. I will test that in the coming days - rerun the race I was just in (same conditions) but offline with AI. And it's not every race, and it not every time the conditions change (for example, last weeks race at laguna seca started off foggy but cleared up by the end of the race) and I finished that one no problem. It appears to be random, but I know I was one of three kicked out today on the same lap though I cant guarantee the same problem. I've just been watching the twitch stream of the elite league (not the one I'm in) and one of the drivers there bombed out with exactly the same error message I got. In fact, he posted a screenshot and it was line for line the same error.

12-04-2017, 22:52
On a side note, you need at least 5 post to be able to attach debug files using the 'Go Advanced' Tab.

Noted. Let me try and game the system so I can post the debug....

12-04-2017, 22:52
Post 4

12-04-2017, 22:52
Post 5

12-04-2017, 23:53

OK, got it figured, first attachment is my screenshot, second is exactly the same from another player, and third is my debug

14-04-2017, 14:03
And again. Online. This time at Catalunya, during day to night. Same error message. I saw the host get kicked first, maybe 2 seconds before I did.

I can't attach the debug. Error on here too!

18-04-2017, 01:25
And again. Online at Monza now. Transitioning from day to night. Out of curiosity, I clicked the Break button to see what would happen. I was left with a new error:

18-04-2017, 11:48
Can you post your latest debug files (Monza), as it may offer more of a clue than your previous one (Virtual call trapped). Is it always the same host/server you get the issue? Are you able to host a race without problem?

18-04-2017, 16:53
Always different host - I never host. Not out of capability, I just always find someone else's race that I want to participate in.

EDIT: Just to clarify, I still get the same Virtual Call trapped message, I just clicked the Break button to see what else would happen.

18-04-2017, 23:16
What are your graphic setting?
Does it only seem to crash when there are a lot of participants in the race?( by your logs I see 19 cars at times ).,If you join a race/lobby with a smaller grid., ie; 10'ish cars on grid can you get a race in OK?

19-04-2017, 08:42
Does it only happen in MP? If yes, try this:

One thing that helped someone with a similar problem was to set the "Max Ping / minute" setting inside of Steam. Navigate Steam:

Steam -> Settings -> In-Game

At the bottom of that screen, you'll see a drop down for "Max Ping / minute" and it defaults to "Automatic". Try setting that to a value, something like 1500 and see if you still have a problem going online.