View Full Version : Which Virtual Reality Device works With Project Cars?

14-04-2017, 13:44
Which Virtual Reality Device works With Project Cars 110%?

14-04-2017, 17:18
I think Oculus and HTC Vive work 100% (I don't have either). I don't know any that work 110%.

20-04-2017, 14:31
Yes, both the Vive and Rift are natively supported by the game.

Theoretically, anything that is supported by steam vr will work with project cars 100%. I have tested it using my phone even via rift cat and it works well. So in that sense the OSVR, pimax4k, and gear vr with rift cat/vridge will work. I think those are all the "major" players in the HMD in the market right now in order of most legit to kinda hacky.

21-04-2017, 12:18
Yes even less known products like the OSVR work. I have a 1.4(unused since I got the Vive) and it worked fine. But it had drift(the not so great one ;) ), but that was down to the hardware, not Pcars. Vive runs like a charm!