View Full Version : Accidental Season Delete

20-04-2017, 18:14
Project Cars on Xbox one, I accidently deleted the current season, 90 hours into it. Is there anywhere in Project Cars or Xbox One where I can retreive this lost season. Totally my fault not a glitch in the game. ???

24-04-2017, 06:50
If there's no back-up somewhere in the cloud then I'm afraid it's lost. The game doesn't keep any back-up/shadow copy.

24-04-2017, 09:26
Im pretty sure Microsoft do cloud saving in the Xbox one but im sure you have to set it up first mate so if you had not done that looks like you have lost it all sorry :(.

24-04-2017, 12:56
when you start up a new season just start from the next tier you would of moved to