View Full Version : Digital Download + On Demand Pack = GOTY Edition?

21-04-2017, 14:53
I already have a physical copy of PC and pretty much everything ever released as DLC but had considered for a while getting the GOTY edition as a digital download to save all that desperately tiresome disk swapping between this and Assetto Corsa :)

Both the original digital download 'bundle' pack and the on demand pack are currently heavily discounted on the PSN store where the GOTY edition isn't curiously.

So would a combination of these 2 give me effectively a GOTY for 22 ?

Asking for a friend (can't stand Assetto Corsa meself, honestly ;) )

22-04-2017, 10:57
Yes mate I believe so , you get all the Dlc in the "on demand " pack .....so yep