View Full Version : Ps4 g29 constantly shaking in project cars monza track

22-04-2017, 09:33
As soon as i leave the pits and driving in a straight line it shakes like crazy. Why?

22-04-2017, 13:32
As soon as i leave the pits and driving in a straight line it shakes like crazy. Why?

whats your force feedback set at

22-04-2017, 16:19
If you let go of the wheel, eventually it starts oscillating.
Better to have a firm grip on the wheel and not let it run loose, unless you're correcting oversteer.
Try the settings in my sig. It won't shake silly if you don't let it go.

26-04-2017, 12:34
ive had the same thing with a T-300rs .. ive made a fault at calibrating the wheel, and after that it went mad. just re-calibrate your wheel in-game.

26-04-2017, 15:29
Also depends what you're driving.
Some cars have much more "active" ffb.

26-04-2017, 16:01
I've noticed that happens with my t150 in the lmp1 cars. Like hkraft said. Just keep a firm grip on the wheel.

26-04-2017, 17:22
If you Don't Have a Firm Grip to resist the FFB, your Wheel Should be Oscillating Back and forth.
That's How FFB works...

It gives some Push against your Hands so you Feel the contact with the road.
If you relax, or release your grip, then this FFB push, has Nothing to work against.
It over shoots, and then reverses direction..

And Again, with nothing there to push against, it reverses direction..
this sets up an Oscillation.

If your FFB is too Strong, then you Need a really Strong Grip, to hold on to the wheel..

But it is Normal for a FFB Wheel to push and Oscillate, if you're not holding it firm enough.

Higher end wheels, with Higher resolution, Can more quickly tell that they have over shot the target position.
Especially a Direct Drive Wheel.
So you Might not have as big of an Oscillation, but it still happens.

Grab hold of the wheel, Resist the Push with your Hands, and it stops..

26-04-2017, 23:15
My brother had never tried an ffb wheel. The resistance is actually more than a road car steering wheel. He tried my g29 the other week, first in the Mercedes clk-lm (lol!) Then the Caterham classic.
He would release the wheel at the slightest push from it, thinking its sliding, resulting in over correction and tank slapper.
Ffb wheels, even the g29, is more resistant/"heavier" in feel than small road cars. My Clio and Polo both have very light steering. 90's Nissans (z32, s14/15, r33/34) have light wheels too until you slide it, depends on the tyres and wheel offset.
Obviously high end ffb wheels are emulating the resistance of non-assisted race cars with fat tyres and big wings.