View Full Version : My way of making a career AI pecking order.

23-04-2017, 06:36
Hi guys, One of the "weaknesses" of this game is that the AI in career change their performance round on round.To try and stop this I have come up with a solution.
Agressive overtakes on the AI that have been towards the back for most the season.
For example, someone was on 0 points before the 7th race yet were winning so I was slightly more agressive a forced him slightly wide through the 3 corners I passed him through.He lost momentum and I ended up finishing 23rd but he only claimed 5th after 2 more got passed him them.Obviously, you still have to be fair when passing but just lifting off the brakes and missing the Apex by a car length is still fair.
Note:This tactic is less effective in other situations to the one stated.It works well at slow corners with a high approaching speeds.Do not try in a chicane without being confident of being fully ahead before the first Apex.

03-05-2017, 09:03
Sounds like toying with the doe that is frozen in the headlights! And then drive them off into the grass!

I will be looking for better AI next time, both on the track and in lap times.

SMS did one thing that slightly annoys me (even if it is my fault, of course). I have noticed the AI lap times are quicker in qualifying than in the race, which makes great sense for the real world, as we know cars have lighter fuel load, softer tires etc during qualifying. But the problem is that my lap times come down noticeably during the full race and I end up posting a much quicker time than what I could in the qualify, as I slowly get a better understanding of the track and car the more I race. So if I sit the car on the 2-5 on the grid I know it is lights out during the race and I will win by a minute or more as they run slower times in race trim.

The only way for me to make the race a hard fought affair is to lift the AI- but it makes qualifying not as much fun.

It almost feels that SMS have perfected the game so much that they forget it is a game played by us hopeless individuals. Lol.