View Full Version : T80 steering wheel malfunction

26-04-2017, 16:12
Hey everyone Terminator here , I have a question about my T80 steering wheel made by thrustmaster , recently I put the wheel in gamepad mode to play NFS Rivals and I went to switch systems and game from ps4 to ps3 and from NFS Rivals to NFS Shift but when I switched I noticed only ONLY the buttons were working , pedal are not working and when you steering there is no action made by the car , now I did take it out of gamepad mode but I put it back into that mode and it worked-ish . I noticed that when you press the gas pedal it's full throttle even if you put light pressure on it , same with the brake and when you turn , is there a way to fix this ? Can I reset it to factory settings , can I put it back in the previous mode it was in ? Please help and thanks for reading

26-04-2017, 16:37
This is not a NFS Shift nor NFS Rivals support forum. If you need assistance with those titles, you need to find a forum specifically for those titles.