View Full Version : Tyre Bugs after pit stop...

27-04-2017, 11:38
Just come back to cars recently to see if it's improved - and during private multiplayer there is a major issue in that when you dive in the pits for new tyres - when you come back out the car is basically understeering massively and feels worse to drive than on the old tyres.....

Looked through all forums to see if this is an ongoing issue - but nothing - is it a known problem that we just live with still???

Did notice that when i left the pits last time my tyre pressures spiked from 2.7 to 3.3 as soon as i exited the pit lane - so something weird is happening....

Any help appreciated!


27-04-2017, 14:26
Sounds like a similar issue to one I've had in career mode:

27-04-2017, 14:46
What car were you driving?
Default pit strategy or custom?
Did you have time/weather progression accelerated?
I've had problems with pits in forced default MP lobbies. The pit crew are terrible left to their own devices :rolleyes:
You should save a custom strategy and make sure your tyre compound and pressures in pit strategy match your car setup, and the fuel you want. Also in the damage repair page in the pit strategy, turn off brake repairs.
After you pit, it will take a lap or 2 for your tyres to get back to temperature.