View Full Version : Logitec G920, Windows 10 and Project Cars

05-05-2017, 20:52
I recently purchased project Cars and a Logitech G920. Windows 10 recognizes and allows me to calibrate the wheel and pedals. I have the latest Logitec drivers (Dec 2016 for windows and 10 and the Nvidea drivers are upt to date. I did a file check on Steam and the install is uncorrupted. I can open Project Cars and navigate with mouse. I go to setup and select the g920 wheel with combined pedals. i try to go open practice(?) and the car starts on its own and goes down the track aways and then slows and then stops ,
.It never accepts wheel input, throttle input or brake input. Thanks in advance for any suggestions

05-05-2017, 21:46
You want to choose 'separate pedals' in the controller options, not 'combined'.:)