View Full Version : TH8A Shifter Problem [RESOLVED]

11-05-2017, 14:06
I bought a TH8a shifter and tried driving the Evo last night, which I assume (hopefully correctly) that it is non-sequential. My issues were different than what I've read in the forums here and elsewhere. In the setup I could see each gear assigned correctly to its proper place on the Hgate. I even reset them each manually. When I went to drive, I couldn't shift the car with either the h-gate or the paddles. Then, I stopped the car. At that point I could make the shifter register but the gas pedal would no longer work. So I could shift but not move. Any thoughts? My wheel is on firmware 50b. I haven't updated the firmware for the shifter yet, but I'm not sure if that matters if it's plugged into the wheelbase (and it is). Also I should mention the TX wheel and T3PA Pro pedals work flawlessly without the shifter plugged in.

12-05-2017, 13:49
Firmware on the shifter was up to date once I finally checked it. However, disconnected and the shifter and then cleared the cache on the X1 and everything was fine afterwards.