View Full Version : [RESOLVED] Wheel and brake problem solely in Project Cars PS4

12-05-2017, 18:51
I have the following problem solely in Project Cars PS4, not in other racing games.

After updating to Thrustmaster T300 GT edition firmware 25, enabling "fan always on" option, and recalibration, I have the following problems in project cars.

- I have the conical brake mod installed, but I get no reading from the brake pedal in the pedal calibration section (it just says "center negative" and stays on 0). In the race I only get ~30% brake power.

- In a race, at the start or at standstill (actually at a speed of 0-3 km/hrs, thus below 4 km/hrs) the wheel quite violently pulls to full right. This happens every time the speed is 0-3 km/hrs. At higher speeds, 4km/hrs and higher the wheel behaves normally. This is quite distracting at the start.

- In the controls menu of project cars, when touching the gas pedal, I come in the calibrate force feedback section. The game apparently thus mixes up the gas pedal with the R2 button (which is the button for entering that section).

Please help!

12-05-2017, 21:35
Do you have 'separate pedals' selected in controller menu? ('combined pedals' would be wrong.):)

13-05-2017, 07:51
Yes I have the separate pedals option selected (standard).
I have also tried several times the reset option (Y) in the control menu within project cars, as well as recalibration.
I have also tried reinstalling the Thrustmaster T300 drivers as well as the firmware 25 update, via the PC (in PS3 mode on the wheel), but no success.

The problem persists. Strangely, in other racing games, i.e. F1 2016, and Dirt, the wheel and pedals work perfectly normal. However, Project Cars is by far my favorite!

13-05-2017, 15:02
I have solved the issue!

The wheel pulling to the right at low speed/standstill has been overcome by setting deadzone removal fall off to 0.01 (was 0.00)
The brake calibration problem is overcome by setting the conical brake mod a few milimetes less tight.