View Full Version : New Player Q: Pits to Car Radio

17-05-2017, 19:06
I've noticed that the "Pits to Car Radio" transmissions are played by default through the controller. This is coming through quite loud even with the volume turned down. Is there any way to revert this to play the radio transmissions through the main TV speakers like the rest of the audio?

17-05-2017, 20:58
Hi there. Have you had a look in the game options under Audio (or possibly gameplay)? I can't remember where it is off the top of my head.

18-05-2017, 08:03
Yes I checked both of those places, cant see anything clearly obvious!

18-05-2017, 12:49
Try pressing the PS button and look under the system audio options - perhaps that's where I altered it. I don't have access to my PS4 atm and have only occasionally used it.

A completely different option is to disable the Pit Radio feature and instead use a community app via your nearby PC or smartphone, which I find works really well: http://forum.projectcarsgame.com/showthread.php?38922-Crew-Chief-an-alternative-race-engineer-for-console-amp-PC