View Full Version : Throttle stuttering/cut out since version 10 update

18-05-2017, 16:27
Whilst using either the Logitech g29 steering wheel or the dual shock controller the throttle stutters as if you have come off the throttle, whilst using the g29 the wheel shakes violently which never happened before, there was resistance in the steering and feedback but not to the extreme it is now. I have tried uninstalling the game and then reinstalling, in original state the steering with g29 is too light and little feedback but no throttle stutter, then install version 10 update and the problems return. Tried other driving games to rule out g29 issues and everything works fine so seems to be a problem with project cars and in particular after installing version 10,

Has anyone else had any similar problems or got any ideas to solve this issue, I was playing multiplayer when problem first happened and the connection kept dropping out so don't know if this may be the cause.

18-05-2017, 23:45
How's it look when you calibrate?
Pc1 v10, G29, no issues :-/