View Full Version : Big Problem with driving Please help

19-05-2017, 11:10
Hi everybody.

Iīm new and need help.
I have a problem with driving.

When iīm driving, the cars suddenly stear to the left, it drives suddenly to the left side and i donīt know why.

I donīt know what happend. I logged the controller out and in again but it happens again.
What can be the problem?

I found a video on youtube that explains what happen in the game


I hope that some can help me.

Thank you.

Best regards

19-05-2017, 16:45
With game pad? DualShock4?
Your controller is malfunctioning.
I had the same problem with mine. Always flicks left. I tested with Battlefield4.
Replaced under warranty. Problem solved.

21-05-2017, 06:26
Please confirm that steering assistance & brake assistance in game settings are turned off.