View Full Version : Suddenly no more visual output in Oculus

26-05-2017, 12:10
Since I got my oculus some weeks ago everything worked great. Today I suddenly dont have any visual output in the rift any more.
I started the game from steam vr -> "play in vr" I have sound but the screen is black.
I tried starting it from "my games" in steam, there I can choose "play in oculus" and "play in steam vr" No results.
I did not change anything on my pc.
The only thing that came across yesterday was an steam vr update. But all my other vr games work propperly.
Any clues?

26-05-2017, 15:09
Do you see the Oculus Home living room? Does the resolution on your monitor seem somehow.. wrong?

Got a similiar issue lately, but I also had to change my graphics card... Oculus Home seems to work just fine, but often I only have audio, but no video when launching Project Cars (didn't try other games so far). The image on screen is displayed in a wrong resolution... I could solve the issue by unplugging the Rift HDMI and monitor DP cables and plug them in again.

(Moreover I think it worked fine until Wednesday [got the new card on Monday)]

26-05-2017, 17:59
My Oculus home is ok. But, as mentioned, I bought the game on steam and started it from steam vr. You are right, that Cars on my monitor has the wrong resolution if I have no video in the oculus.
I am just redownloading it, if this does not work I will try the cable trick. If this not work I will try a recovery point from windows. If this not works, I will buy Assetto Corsa.......

30-05-2017, 21:56
Try go to Options, and then Virtual Reality menu (look at your monitor when not having visuals in you Rift). Set Full Screen Monitor View to No.

Worked for me. Don't know why. Disadvantage is to have monitor in Window mode, but hey, you have your Rift back at least. :p

31-05-2017, 00:05
You could try going to your Documents\Project CARS folder and rename/remove the VR (and possibly graphics) settings file to reset things to default. Recommend you back them up first.

01-06-2017, 13:36
Thx at all 4 your support :-)
Status is atm, that I need to start the game 2x: First - black oculus, second - everything fine. Not the optimum, but I can live with that.