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06-06-2017, 09:51
Anyone have any experience with button boxes and VR ?

I cant find half my buttons on my wheel with any reliability during the heat of the battle so not sure if a button box would be of much use but I would like to be able to have access to more than the bear minimum I do currently.

As I have a CSW the below is tempting as it does not have too many buttons in a row which I hope means I could find a few whilst driving.


Has anyone had any luck with button boxes in VR ? Or is it more like the awkward fumbling with your first crush in the dark :)

06-06-2017, 13:24
I think it's about where you position them. I actually made a mockup (it's tested and working) but "unrefined" (understatement of the year) but have not found a solution to mount it on my rig yet... (for a few months now so it's an ever ending project :D )

But as anything, practice makes perfect.

Even IRL drivers have to study their wheel functions and all that so they became second nature. Much like using the pedals and an H shifter or the buttons on the radio to turn it on or change the channel, you don't need to look to know where they are.

Just practice when you have it. It's easier than it seems to get used to.

28-06-2017, 11:40
In case anyone is wondering about button boxes and VR...

I just got it and with the number, shape and textures of the different buttons, switches and dials you can find your way no problem in a race in VR. In fact its much easier finding these than more than half of the buttons on the wheel (especially the BMW rim)...

So thoroughly recommended !

However - I would not be so sure of a bigger number of buttons that would be similar though.

10-07-2017, 10:23
Same problem here, as the keyboard is not the best addon in VR I bought a Thrustmaster MFD Cougar pack (http://www.thrustmaster.com/de_DE/produkte/mfd-cougar-pack) it's a good solution for a reasonable price.
I used only one of the to button panels. The switches are easy to find as in the corners are 2way switches so it's easy to know where you are. I use the place in the middle for a description template to remember the function before I go into VR. For example the switch in the right upper corner is for me seat up, down and the two buttons left from it are seat to front, back.

30-07-2017, 16:49
I just got my DSD panels installed and I am loving them. I spent some time planning my layout and have a spreadsheet showing the options of the game that I use and how I laid them out for my F1 Wheel and BMW wheel. Attachments below. Hopefully it might be useful.....

I also got JoytoKey and mapped the left joystick on my wheel to work as a mouse and left mouse click. I can get around the screen without having to use the keyboard. It works very well.

All in all it does not take a lot of time to memorize the button layouts and how to use them with the VR headset on. Great fun!


31-07-2017, 16:31
Considering I was working with pencils and a blank page - this is an improvement - thanks :)