View Full Version : Static Data API: Cars and Tracks

12-06-2017, 20:10
(Putting this here so as to not clutter up the Cars and Tracks threads.)

Because I like tilting at windmills, I started a project to provide an API for Project CARS static data: Things that are the same for all players, like cars, tracks, etc. It's almost to the point for PCARS where it's ready to be done and dusted.

Just to make sure my planned mechanism for supporting PCARS2 (alongside the legacy data) would work, I used the confirmed car and track lists to add that data. Note that as of right now, this is primarily developer-focused... visiting links in your webbrowser will fall back to PCARS data. You need to use a REST client (I use Restlet as a Chrome extension) to set the Accept header to "application/vnd.senorpez.pcars2.v0+json; charset=UTF-8" to see the PCARS2 data.

As always, if you're interested in helping out or have questions or just want to fix my terrible data processing, you're more than welcome. Built by the community means just that; my github project hosting this is public at: