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13-06-2017, 21:56
Guys, I have been researching and building PC's on Partpicker and talking to all the guys I race with that have moved to PC but still unsure about somethings and could use some guidance.

Here is what I have:
80/20 rig
80/20 monitor stand (single monitor)
wheel/pedals (I have a T300 with multiple rims and Pro Pedals with Load cell but already have $1000 saved for a DD wheel. Just wanted to get everything set up and running before I buy the new wheel. If I go with New Thrustmaster DD then I save $500 right there to be used else where)
Peripherals (Buttkicker, Tablet, Button box, Mixer)
43" Sony 4K TV

and what I need:

PC (Intel and Nvidia preferably)
Triples or Oculus

I will be playing PCars 2 and Iracing. I figure if it can handle Pcars 2 then Iracing will be no problem and is why I'm asking here.

Budget: I have $1,900 saved for PC and Oculus/Triples (if I go with Triples then I need need to buy the triple screen arms for my rig - $200 subtracted from Budget)

I have read all the Oculus/Triple comparisons and know the +/- to them and will still take any advice. The big thing I see said is that if you have a single screen now go to the Oculus but if you have a screen or two and a rig already go with triples. I also know that the PC will need to be built possibly different depending on if I go VR or Triples (CPU vs GPU?). I kinda like the idea of triples and always have but the cost/space and lack of need for anything other than racing as I still have my TV for the few other games I play which are not demanding. I would also want 32" monitors and that costs even more. So I'm kinda leaning to the Oculus for know even though I know Gen 2 will improve greatly. I also read about Pcars 2 and they work they doing to clear up some of the visual issues on VR for Pcars 2 which could help some. I don't care about losing the ability to see my button box if I go VR, I don't look at it now when I use it. I don't get motion sickness either. I'm am not interested in the single curved wide screen monitor in case anyone was wondering.

I know alot of you guys have gone through this and might have some good advice for me or at least some pitfalls to avoid.

So basically I have $1,200 for a PC if I go Oculus. If I go with Triples I have $1,700 for Monitors and PC. I can always move a little more money (I Put $600 Us in the racing fund every month and now that I'm not racing for real it's all going to Sim Racing for now) over if its close but I'm trying to stick with budget. Not trying to do anything revolutionary here. Just want a solid rig that will be good for foreseeable future to go with Pcars 2.

Maybe you guys could lay out what you would do with that budget or what you wouldn't do. Any help will be greatly appreciated. I would like to order my parts by end of week.

Thanks guys,


14-06-2017, 14:46
My two cents.
I had a trippel screen setup for a number of years.
And it was honestly very lack luster for single games, the two side monitors pretty much only displayed a hugely distorted field of view.
Then we add things like vertical and horizontal render tearing unrelated to vertical synch.

I therefore mostly played games on the middle screen, the side screens became useful for netflix/browser or other programs.

The whole three screen setup was replaced by a single ultrawide 34401440 screen and this is a beauty.
And they don't really cost more than any single good screen, ok a little more than the rift but less than my vive.

You are still going to want good screens regardless of what you go for.
And they usually cost at least as much as a rift with touch controllers.
So $700-$900 per screen (I am just converting currency in the grossest of manner like most European this would includes taxes etc)
Yes you can buy cheap screens for $100, per screen but honestly wouldnt recommend for basic spreadsheets.

So after about a year, for example one screen is probably going to be gray and blue, the other yellowish and the third some weird shade of green and nothing you do with settings can calibrate away this aging so the screens match again.

Rift and vr is not something you can compare to multi screen setups anymore than single screen.
A flat 2d window is a flat 2d window.

VR is well not easy to explain, but if I can choose between any of my screens.
That being my old trippel screen setup, my ultrawide monitor or my 65" 4k tv or even my 100" home theatre projector screen.

I would still pick the rift every time :)

Anyhoo in short I found trippel screen gaming more hassle and expensive than it's worth.
And certainly not to be preferred to VR, even though all the bugs and imperfections with this first generation of it.

14-06-2017, 15:37
How about VR and 1 screen?
VR is the future of gaming.
A decent graphics card will last you a while, and you can upgrade it to stay up to date and, with upcoming support for twins, you'll likely won't need to reinvest for a while.
True the next gen VR shouldn't be far away, so you could go 1 screen and wait.
But the software and hardware support for VR is on a fast rise, so with a rift or VIVE you'll do well for a long while.

14-06-2017, 16:06
Triples or Oculus
Be very sure to try it out first.
VR may (or may not) be the future of sim racing, it is a future I won't be part of.
I tried it on several occasions and each time I get nausea. I am not alone to suffer, two of my friends sold their VR and are now on triples (again).
People are telling me it gets better after some "training", but in my case I sincerely doubt that, knowing I am sensitive to sea sickness and even as a passenger in race cars. I need to take medication before. If not....:concern:
There are more downsides on VR than the motion sickness:
- no awareness of your environment. Two examples: one of the guys had his cat jumping on his lap while racing in VR, almost got a heart attack, and crashed. The other had a toddler creeping around that seemingly found his dads fast moving feet very interesting. His wife was just in time to keep him from putting his hands in the pedal set.
- it gets really hot after a while (I felt that, can't imagine racing endurance with that).
- another, maybe personal reason: I like to see my own sim racing gear and where to operate levers and buttons; as well as having extra pads with all race info, thus keeping my view free of clutter.

I can see people in favor for VR though, but it will never be for me and when in doubt, you may consider the downsides... :courage: