View Full Version : Screen will freeze at time when driving

23-06-2017, 04:09
I am having a problem with the screen will freeze for about 1 or 2 sec.then it will be ok. I have checked the gpu and cpu useage and temps both ok gpu will run about 60% and cpu will run about 70%. I have never had a problem before with my setup. I and using a gtx 960, i7 4790k with 16gb of ddr3 ram nothing is over clocked. Thanks for the help in advance

Roger Prynne
23-06-2017, 08:13
What programs have you got running in the background?
In what mode does this happen, SP/MP/TT?
Accelerated time/weather or normal?
When reporting things like this it's helpful to give as much information as possible.

Could you also change your platform to PC and not PS4 please.

23-06-2017, 08:35
Really strange. I had the short screen freeze a couple of times over the last fourteen days or so.
Nothing running in the background (that I know of), SP, just hotlapping, no accelerated things.
But I had it happen also in other sims, e.g. in AMS the screen sometimes freezes, sometimes it goes black, while I can still hear sounds, just last a couple of seconds (enough to crash...) :livid:

IMO it might very well be Windows 10 related, not the first issue I might add...

23-06-2017, 13:24
I have nothing running in the background that I know of. It will do it all the time dose not matter what car, track or mode i play other setting also have no change. I am also running Windows 8.

23-06-2017, 13:29
Check your Windows Event Viewer and see if you have any reports of you display driver not responding.

23-06-2017, 15:30
I checked the event Log did not see what you were talking about but did find a error when it happens 238268

Roger Prynne
23-06-2017, 15:49
How to Fix Ntdll.dll Errors

Have a read of this..... https://www.lifewire.com/g00/how-to-fix-ntdll-dll-errors-2624474?i10c.referrer=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.google.co.uk%2F

24-06-2017, 07:08
First time ever that I checked the Log. No signs of errors for pCars...se the freezing is not 'recorded' ?
I have some for AMS and AC though.

28-06-2017, 11:36
I've had the same problem. Moved the game from an old HDD to my SSD and problems seems to be gone now.

Roger Prynne
28-06-2017, 12:44
^ that's probably because it was an old 5400 rpm HDD and not a 7200 rpm?