View Full Version : Racing in Project CARS Discussion

24-06-2017, 16:15
What creates the best racing in Project CARS?
What cars/tracks do/do not work well together?

24-06-2017, 17:01
Oschersleben C Circuit is not that good unless in karts as overtakes cannot happen even if you are a couple of seconds a lap quicker.

25-06-2017, 13:25
Road America, Dubai, Silverstone GP in almost anything from GT4 to LMP1.
Not super tricky, plenty of space, plenty of options.
Dubai GP for fast cars, international for slower cars. I don't like the twisty section in the shorter variants. That part is narrow and only good in superkarts.
Indy is great at all the GP tracks.

Sauber + Bathurst is bonkers.