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27-06-2017, 18:42
First of all I want to communicate that this is my opinion and I hope that no one feels offended by it and please excuse me for my bad grammar I am not a Brit.

In Pcars1 I found the weather effects and especially rain on the windscreen more of a gimmick than a real addition to your race and the difficulty.
When I saw a few new trailers for Pcars 2 I was off course very happy with the very very promising weather system (looks like you guys have a a potential instant seller there) BUT the effects on the windscreen were very similar to what we saw in Pcars 1.

So my question to the developers and to the other people here:

so what do you think:

Can the weather effect on the windscreen be made more realistic?

Do you find it good as it is?

Is it realistic at all?

Did you also notice the same "rain worms" on the windscreen and did it feel like recycled material from Pcars1 to you as well?

By the way the ffb effects after driving damage were amazing in Pcars1 (best I ever encountered)

27-06-2017, 20:01
I have seen a video of a Porsche at the Nordschleife, and the effect of rain on the windscreen was totally different (as in much better) than the pCars1 version.
There were no worms (though the effect in pCars1 was not that bad either IMO).

Edit: here is the video:


27-06-2017, 20:11
From 1:35 on the sidescreen and also on the hood:


10-07-2017, 01:11
I think going of them vids above it OK in parts the part that is not looking so good is when there is lots of drops of water on the screen from the car in front
the wipers start and don't push the water drop with the wiper, it just magically goes from the screen this could should be better, hope this is just old unfinished work....

this video looks like its been fixed but at the end of the vid its still there as the spray from the car in front, from 4:17 into video show this magically vanishing drops of water
and the wipers don't push the water off, it looks like its only happening when the track is drying out rain has stopped but the is still some water on track and spray from car in front,
other times when it raining it works :confused:


10-07-2017, 02:26
FIA, that is an older video and the windshield effect has been changed. The video posted by Fanapryde is more recent and more representative of what the release will look like.

10-07-2017, 06:16
It looks great in the newer Porsche build IMO. And yes I didn't like the "water worms" in PCARS1 either. :) But that's also what's so great about all the configuration settings in this game, if you don't like something you can turn it off. For example you can rearrange the hud and in helmet camera (which I use the most) you can even turn the helmet itself on or off, adjust the effect of the blur and the effect of looking into the corners. And it has its own FOV setting (apart from the other cameras) if I'm not mistaken. That level of customisation is impressive especially for a console.

10-07-2017, 13:23
Custumization is a wonderfull thing i like it :cool: