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28-06-2017, 16:03
Greetings to all. I have a question about races whose duration is for time elapsed and not for a certain amount of laps.

There is an BUG that is currently occurring in PCARS1 and hopefully it has been fixed for PCARS2, getting closer to reality:

When racing with time elapsed, it happens that that game bug does not allow some cars behind the leader to complete the last lap after the clock has reached zero (at LeMans by example), so those cars crossing the finish line can no longer still racing while the leader and all those cars behind him that managed to cross the finish line before the clock reaches zero are the only ones that the game allows to continue running until finishing that lap.


In the example I show in these screenshots, I was running against 2 other players but I was 45 seconds away while the 2 were stuck fighting for 2nd position, when I completed lap #13 there were 20 seconds left to the clock will reach zero. The problem is that the other 2 cars after crossing the Finish Line could not continue competing and the game did not allow them to complete the lap #14 not even to be in the same lap of the race leader. A serious mistake of PCARS1.


It could even happen that a car that was almost with a lost lap (in front visually of the leader but in its same lap) has the possibility to gain positions to the complete one more lap than the cars that were ahead of him but behind the race leader when he crossed the finish line and the clock has reached zero. I am not sure if such cases have happened (in PCARS1).

If that BUG existed in real life, perhaps the Aston Martin GTE would never have been able to overtake the Corvette GTE and win the race on the last lap because the Porsche LMP1 #2 had already crossed the finish line and the clock was already at zero when both GTE cars reached the finish line in that lap, and likewise the Corvette GTE would not have lost the 2nd position against the Ford GT for running in the last lap with a flat tire.


The correct thing (for PCARS2) is that the game allows all cars behind the leader (either on the same lap of the leader or with missed laps/lapped) to complete the remainin Last Lap that they still need in case the clock has reached zero and the Race Director has already marked "Final Lap".

28-06-2017, 16:08
Good one. I never really got why Pcars doesn't adhere to the FIA rules and wait until every car passes finish (within a reasonable timeframe, at least a slow lap time and not 20 seconds!) or else give us the option to choose so.

Edit: that Corvette Aston fight was historical

Roger Prynne
28-06-2017, 17:26
Already been discussed to death in the past, and yes it's better now in pCARS2.

28-06-2017, 17:45
Already been discussed to death in the past, and yes it's better now in pCARS2.

Prepare yourself for those damn reoccurring questions untill release date :D

28-06-2017, 18:35
Then can close this thread?