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01-07-2017, 18:12
Discussion about the best races you have ever had in Project CARS
Mine is probably my first ever win is notable, along with first race, first online c race, first league race and lots of my newer ones now I am better.

02-07-2017, 03:46
I have a few. Results weren't notable but they were memorable.
A 2 hour race with a full grid of league mates at Hock Classic in the Lotus 49. Day time, changing wet/dry conditions.
Most chose the newer 49C with wings. I chose the 49. Qualified terribly as I couldn't drive the 72 slicks and an early crash had me limping back to the pits, lapped and last. While I was there I knew the rain was coming eventually so switched to the 68 tyres and the car just came alive.
Began the charge, finished 3/4th.

Another was my first league race, GT3 at Bathurst, ~1.5 hours. Tuned the cars, sorted the pit strategy but my teammate and I were slow, 4-5 seconds off pole. We qualified p9/10 iirc. He drove a flawless race, hit his marks, stuck to his strategy and finished 3rd, a few seconds behind the leaders and I was P4 for a photo finish.

There's been a few other battles. It's not the easy wins that matter. It's the ones you finish well despite being out paced and outclassed.

03-07-2017, 13:23
The 3 hour Mclaren F1 career event recently. I had to shorten it to 45 minutes though because 3 hours of that car would be exhausting haha.

I spent lots of practice time coming up with my own setup and qualified pole. During the race after a few mistakes and cycling through pit stops I was in 5th place. 3 of the cars in front of me pitted a few laps later so I had a clear run to catch 1st place. Worked and caught up to him on the last lap, and passed him with just a few turns to go for the win.

04-07-2017, 18:11
Had a good fight last night, LMP2 at Road America. After the first lap madness and dodging rammers there were 8 of us left, I was P6 with an Audi up my clacker. We eventually finished P2 and 3 with said Audi right up my clacker!

What made it fun was we were strong in different places, he was quicker for sure and if he got past I would not have caught him again. I was VERy slow through the carousel and onto the back "straight" as well as onto the main straight so he'd be all over me. I was much stronger on the brakes and slow corner exit, the brakes were key because on three occasions he had a nose in front but i outbraked him (even on the outside), it was a ton of fun and credit to the other guy cos he never touched me despite being glued to my bumper and being seemingly past a few times.

13-07-2017, 09:24
My German alt was doing the Formula A race at Zhuhai. Qualified on pole, in picture postcard conditions. Then came race day, and darned if it wasn't pouring water from high heaven at the starting line! The start was utter pandemonium, and not even starting up front was much help. Trying to play catch-up in a thunderstorm was no fun; what WAS fun, was the sun coming out, and a fortuitous tire change catapulting me to P1 and an eventual win.

17-07-2017, 11:18
Some good pones here, enjoy reading them.

Another this past weekend, Formula C at Road America. Never drove the car before but qualified 5th, after the first lap insanity and dodging rammers we settled down and i was clearly second fastest but the guy in first was EXTREMELY quick, like 3 seconds a lap faster.

I kept plugging away when suddenly i passed him, looked at the replay and sounds like the engine popped, which helps explain his straight line speed!

26-07-2017, 13:36
I'll add another.

GT3 at Road America, qualified 4th but felt hooked up and go held 4th through the first corner shenanigans. 3rd place made an error, passed him, 1st and 2nd fighting hard when 2nd clips a stationary car. So i am P2, gap in front and behind drifting between 1.2 and 1.8 seconds.

Tyres are starting to go and on lap 5 I catch P1, he makes an error and i pass him. I hold the lead until the last lap where he catches me, i make a slight error at the sort sharp blind left hander after accidentally changing my view! I hang in there and focus n a good run out of the carousel, by the end of the straight I was right behind him.

So now it is decision time, do i make a lunge and potentially ruin a great race or do I cede? I have been faster through that right hander all race and better on the brakes so decide to take an inside line. I run a little wide and nudge him, we are side by side through the right hander and into the flat left hander before the last corner. He runs very wide and I nab him in t8he last turn for the win.